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Hangman to learn English.

Instructions on how to use the hangman game to learn English words and expressions.

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Study the English word lists.

The hangman game here uses words directly from our English word lists. This means that you can study the vocabulary first before playing. Both the hangman and the word lists group words into lexical categories: vegetables, clothes, weather, furniture, etc.

English collocations on each vocabulary group.

These hangman pages will help you improve your knowledge of English a little more than the usual versions of these games. Below each game there is a short text which includes collocations (colloquially used expressions) with some of the words in the game: "tables and chairs", "bedside table", "sit in an armchair", "pull up a chair" etc. You can optionally study this text before you start.

Hangman with or without vocabulary pre-test.

You can play the games without consulting the English word lists especially if you feel you have a good knowledge of the lexical category. Alternatively, you can consult the corresponding word list before playing and also listen to the audio pronunciation.

Please note - the hangman database serves the tests at random. This means that you may see a test you have already completed successfully. Click on the button "next one" to go to the next test.

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