Curriculum vitae in Spanish 1.

How to begin correspondence with a company.


Estimado señor Jones: / Estimada señora Smith: (formal address and recommended) > Dear Mr. Jones / Dear Mrs. Smith

Muy señor mío: (very formal and only if you can't find the person's name) > Dear Sir

Muy señores míos: / Distinguido señor: Distinguida señora: (formal: the latter two can be used with the surname eg. Distinguido señor Pérez) > Dear Sirs / Dear Sir / Dear Madam

Señor: / Señora: (very formal) > Sir / Madam

Estimada señorita Green: (use only if you have received correspondence with this address) > Dear Miss Green

Estimada Sra. / Srta. Black: (there is no translation in Spanish for the English Ms.) > Dear Ms. Black



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