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Ejercicio - diferencias entre among y between.

Rellena los espacios con las preposiciones: along o through. En algunos casos las dos palabras son posibles pero escribirás sólo una palabra.


There was a tower between     the two hills.

1) You'll see the pub the church and the library.

2) The thief sat two large police officers.

3) You'll find the books on birds the books on mammals and the books on flowers.

4) London is situated the counties of Surrey, Essex, Hampshire and Berkshire.

5) We came to a small house the trees.

6) Jenny shared out the sweets her friends.

7) Muhammed Ali is said to be the greatest boxers of all time.

8) The stone hit Goliath the eyes.

9) The valley lay the snowy mountains and the forest.

10) You'll never find your ring all that rubbish.


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1) between

2) between

3) between

4) between

5) among

6) among/between

7) among

8) between

9) between

10) among

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