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Cómo reñir en inglés con frases hechas.

Estas conversaciones son para ayudar a los padres no-nativos a aprender frases hechas que pueden utilizar en casa con sus hijos con el fin de enseñarles inglés.

En los diálogos siguientes entre padre e hija bilingüe, están señalados dos aspectos lingüísticos interesantes. Primero, subrayadas son las preposiciones de movimiento o de lugar combinadas con el verbo. Segundo, ocultas son las frases hechas útiles para aprender de memoria.

Rellena los espacios con las frases hechas que escuchas en cada grabación.


Situación 1 - la niña se ha subido al armario.

Listening 1...

Padre: What are you doing up there, Carmen? I told you not to climb up onto the cupboards!

Niña: I like it up here!

Father: Well, I'm but you can't stay up there all afternoon. Get down from there , young lady!


Situación 2 - la niña se ha subido en el armario.

Listening 2...

Father: Carmen, don't stand on the table. You know you shouldn't get on the table.

Niña: I don't want to get off.

Father: You'd right this minute, young lady, or I'll tell your mother. And you know what she'll , don't you?

Niña: All right. I'll get off then.


Situación 3 - la niña está tumbado en el suelo.

Listening 3...

Father: What are you doing lying down on the floor?

Niña: I don't want to get up.

Father: I've told you once if I've told ; you mustn't roll on the floor in your new dress. Get up off the floor , young lady, or you can go .

Niña: Sorry, Daddy, I'll get up.


Situación 4 - la niña está escondida en el armario.

Listening 4...

Father: Now, who said you could get in there?

Niña: Mummy did!

Father: I find that very . Just get out of there .

Niña: I can't get out.

Father: Well, you shouldn't have got in there in , should you? Come on! I'm going to help you out, then.


Situación 5 - la niña quiere que su padre la coja en brazos.

Listening 5...

Niña: Daddy, pick me up!

Father: Sorry. I'm not going to pick you up. My back hurts. You'll just have to walk.

Niña: I feel sleepy.

Father: Ok, then. I'll pick you up but after that I'm going to put you back down again. Do you hear, ?

Niña: All right, Daddy!


Situación 6 - la niña está mirando una caca de perro.

Listening 6...

Father: What are you doing looking at that dog pooh? Just get away from that right now. That's dirty! Yuck! If you see a dog pooh, you should always walk around it and steer clear of it. Disgusting! Errr! Now, just come away and .

Niña: Disgusting. Err!


Situación 7 - la niña ha cogido un collar del bolso de su madre.

Listening 7...

Father: What are you doing with Mummy's necklace? You know you shouldn't go through Mummy's handbag. Now just put that back where you got it from right this very instant. Do you understand?

Niña: Yes, Daddy. Sorry. I didn't know.

Father: Didn't know? We've told you you shouldn't go through Mummy's things without asking. If you want to play with something Mummy's, you should ask first. Do I make ?

Niña: Yes, Daddy.



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Listening 1

- I'm very sorry

- right this minute


Listening 2

- You'd better get off

- you know what she'll have to say


Listening 3

- I've told you once if I've told you a hundred times

- right this instant

- you can go straight to bed


Listening 4

- I find that very hard to believe

- this very moment

- in the first place


Listening 5

- for a bit

- young lady


Listening 6

- leave it alone


Listening 7

- We've told you countless times

- Do I make myself clear 

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